Video Porfolio

Gerber - Bear Grylls Survival Series

One in a series of videos promoting the Bear Grylls' (from 'Man vs. Wild') Gerber Gear Survival Line. This video was produced along with the Gerber Gear Production team. The knives, as well as the rest of the gear, is top notch. It was also great to work with Bear, he's a true professional and incredibly nice and down to earth.

HD Video Production Corporate
and Commercial Demo Reel

The HD Video Production Demo reel has an overview of some of our past projects. Contains commercial, corporate video, internet video, and videography work. Note: does not show off any of our new Blackmagic work. We always strive to better ourselves, so to get a sense of our current capabilities, ask what we're working on lately.

Lily Shop Episode 1

The first episode of the Lily Shop webseries about baking and crafts. We shot this episode and a lot of the rest of the episodes. This one came out great and that veggie garden looks like a fun idea

Verizon FiOS Commercial

Unwanted Moving Advice - National Verizon FiOS commercial that we produced with McCoy and Meyer. Shot on the Blackmagic 4k camera, when it was first released.